Volkswagen goes up! in a downsize.

Volkswagen Australia launch a new car today; don’t know if it’s hotly anticipated etc but the up! citycar seems to be doing ok overseas if its won World Car of the Year. Pricing etc will be released later but, although not exactly a crowded market, the VW quality will be a big attractor for potential buyers.

More later.

Ok, apparently will be $13990 plus ORC and manual only…. top speed is 170kmh and 0-100 around a year so don’t expect miracles from a car weighing only 880kg and powered by a 1.0L engine with just 55kW and 95 torques. On the up! side (pun intended) it’ll drink less than 5.0L per 100kms but I don’t think it’s intended for cross country work….

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