July 24, 2021

A Wheel Thing.

If You Love Cars Then It Must Be A Wheel Thing

Toyota’s GAZOO Racing has released official details about the updated Toyota 86 coupe. These details are for the Japanese spec vehicle, with Australian specifications yet to be confirmed. It has a bigger engine from Subaru, with a rise in power, torque, and gains the GR monicker, making it the third model (Supra and Yaris before it) to be tagged GR.Staying with the classic front-engine rear driven layout, the GR86 sheds weight thanks to an aluminuim roof and front fenders. A restyled body sees changes to the front and rear, with motorsport derived aero tweaks such as side-sill spoilers, changes to the airflow thanks to new inlets (including a new grille between the headlights seemingly inspired by the first Jaguar F-Type) and outlets.

The engine has been bored to see an increase from 2.0L to 2.4L. Power rises to 173kW at 7,000rpm, whilst torque, a feature many felt lacking in the original, goes to 250Nm at 3,700rpm. Transmissions in the Japanese specification stay at a six speed manual or auto.A lower centre of gravity inside a body virtually the same size as the original sees handling improved as well, thanks to the aforementioned weight loss, plus new seats and a redesign to the exhaust silencers. An improvement to the body’s torsional rigidity helps too, with that improved by fifty percent. The roofline tapers down to new rear lights that evoke some European brands, whilst the front as seen straight on has a squarer profile.The driver’s cockpit sees a realignment of the switches and controls for a more ergonomic layout and a driver focused environment. The traditional mechanical handbrake remains, and the information display is a full width LCD screen in the Japanese spec vehicle. The instrument display features a screen with an opening animation inspired by the piston movements of the horizontally opposed engine.

Sean Hanley, Toyota Australia’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says: “The new GR 86 has been specially designed for sports performance with precise and playful handling, delivering pure driving pleasure and a strong emotional connection between driver and car. It is a stylish, compact four-seater that draws on Toyota’s impressive sports-car heritage including the legendary 2000GT, Celica GT-Four, MR2 and original Supra, as well as its more recent GR siblings.’The first 86 was released in 2012, and to date has sold over 20,000 units in Australia and spawned a bespoke one-make racing series.

Release date and specifications for Australia will be confirmed later this year. Subaru has yet to release details of their version.