Tassie Classics Up For Grabs At Pickles.

Car auctions can be a mix of fantasy filling dreams and an opportunity to nab a relative bargain. Pickles Auctions have the chance to provide buyers with both over the weekend of February 26 to 28, 2021. There is something a little different this time round too, with accessories to move cars and even a custom built “chopper” bicycle available.

Leading the push are some classic examples of the Australian motoring industry. A 1980 Australian built Chrysler Valiant regal, one of the last of the Chryslers built in Oz and a big car too, is looking for a new home. Powered by the venerable slant six at 265ci, there’s something special about this one. The odometer shows just 126,891, an average of just under 3,200 kilometres driven per year.An even rarer item is the 1969 version. Powered by the 225ci engine, this Valiant Pacer shows a miniscule 28,791km. It’s a piece of history with the auto operated via the once familiar column shift lever.A trio of Aussie built Fords may attract someone with the right numbers in their bank balance, with a 1982 and 1987 Fairlane duo on offer, alongside a 1974 XB falcon GT. This 351ci powered beauty has an original factory fitted protection pack, factory silver body stripes over a luscious blue main body colour, and a four speed manual transmission. The 1982 Fairlane is in a beige-gold colour, and has a reasonable 228,786 kms on the odo. Power for this classic is from the 4.1L straight six that gave many Fords their heartbeat. The same engine is in the silver over black 1987 version, complete with the standard alloys fitted at the time.Muscle car lovers will be drawn to the 1974 XB GT Falcon. Complete with factory fitted protection pack and silver stripes over those coke bottle curves, clad in blue, this beastie comes complete with a 351ci V8 and four speed manual transmission. It comes with the original owners’ manual and a XB/ZG manual.Some sensual curves under bright white paint will appeal. The 1951 AC two door saloon, with a 2.0L petrol engine, is also ready to find love. This classic piece of rare motoring history sports a blue leather interior and bespoke wooden trim. Driver info is via classic dials from the famous Smiths company.Those that like to get onto a racetrack can check out the 1965 Austin Healy Sprite. In blue with black trim, this car already has had a taste for the racing tarmac, having seen track action and fitted with a roll bar. This also comes with a rarely seen removable hard-top and is one that will suit someone that knows their way around a classic British brand.HDT are three letters that strike an emotional chord for lovers of the Red Lion, and a 1978 HDT Commodore replica may be the cause for someone to shed a tear. This VB Commodore based replica has the 253ci and four speed M21 manual combination, and cool looking red interior trim. The body work features the low-slung HDT bonnet scoop, big rear Group C style wing, and massive wheel flares.There are some two wheeled examples up for grabs, with a Honda Goldwing from 1994 a fine looking machine, resplendent in metallic red and chrome. Powered by a thumping 1500cc engine and driving a five speed transmission, the stylish Goldwing has a CB radio, storage panniers, and plenty of class to delight.Check them out via the embedded link and speak to Pickles in Tasmania to place your bids.
(Pictures courtesy of Pickles Auctions, information supplied courtesy of The Strat Collective).

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