Car Review: 2016 Jaguar F-Type S Coupe Manual

Some car brands evoke emotional responses in people. That brand will say that’s exactly what they’re looking for as it’s a major consideration in the purchase of a car. There’s also a loyalty factor to […]

A Cruel Mountain: The Great Race, Bathurst 1000, 2014

A Cruel Mountain: The Great Race, Bathurst 1000, 2014

It’s now history that Chaz Mostert and Paul Morris won the Supercheap Autos Bathurst 1000 for 2014. It’s now history that they did so by, as silly as it may sound, leading on the last […]

One Man Show Ticks Boxes

Short but sweet; A Wheel Thing has reached a milestone as an independent car reviewer. Fully independent, with no funding and sponsorship, twenty brands (21 if we count HSV being under the Holden banner) have […]

Wheels of Change: Ian Luff and Drive to Survive.

Use your vision to avoid a collision. When I learned to drive, or, more correctly, was taught to drive by an instructor, there was more to it than simply strapping in and engaging a gear, […]