Car Review: 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander XLS.

Mitsubishi’s medium sized SUV has grown considerably since it was released back in the mid noughties. Now looking nothing like the original donor car, the Lancer, it’s gone from a smallish, angular, almost “runt of […]

Optimal Appeal: Kia Optima Si

Charles Darwin espoused “The Theory of Evolution”; it certainly applies to the world of automotive transport and Kia’s Optima is a brilliant case in point. Starting off as a somewhat ugly duckling, it’s now a […]

Mitsubishi’s Twin Cheeks: Ralliart and VRX Lancer

Mitsubishi owns a nameplate that has forty years of history attached; from road cars to world rallying the Lancer has strode the stage, selling six million vehicles along the way. A Wheel Thing has had […]