No Dinosaur, This Rex: Subaru WRX and WRX Premium

Take a 2.0L flat “boxer” four, strap on a hair dryer, wrap it in some slinky and edgy sheetmetal, throw in all wheel drive and you have the latest iteration of Subaru’s legendary WRX. The […]

It’s a Koup! Kia’s Two Door Sportscar Foray

Australia has had a long held fascination to cars with just two doors, going back to the sixties with cars such as the XP Falcon in 1965 or the muscular Holden Monaro. There are others, […]

Car Review: Volkswagen’s Award Winning Golf

The timing of things can be fortuitous sometimes; A Wheel Thing was fortunate to have the Volkswagen Golf 103 Highline in the driveway when Wheels magazine announced the Golf as recipient of their prestigious Car […]

Mitsubishi’s Twin Cheeks: Ralliart and VRX Lancer

Mitsubishi owns a nameplate that has forty years of history attached; from road cars to world rallying the Lancer has strode the stage, selling six million vehicles along the way. A Wheel Thing has had […]

Car Review. Xtra Fine: Jaguar’s XF 2.0L Turbo Petrol

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It means that the perception of beauty is subjective; with the Jaguar XF’s reskin from the first model being seen as one of the most beautiful cars […]