Suzuki gets SX4er

Suzuki has released an update for its SX4 and not before time. Barely changing a model for five years and still being successful is a rarity (just ask Holden….) and in this case it’s a case of “ain’t broke, so….”
It’s a competent car and has been since release, especially in the first guise put out there. The five door semi wagon/hatch, with its odd looking yet appealing faux 4WD look has attracted a new front end, different alloys, a subtle change to the cloth and indicators moved to the mirrors.
Added equipment comes in the form of Bluetooth and cruise control across the range whilst the top model sees satnav with voice command coming in also.
The exterior gets more colour options; plasma yellow (a strong metallic) and a favourite, boost blue.
The range compresses back to the hatchback only, staying with the familiar combination of selectable 2 and 4 wheel drive, 2.0 litre petrol with standard six speed manual or optional CVT. A subtle name change comes along, with the car having Crossover and Crossover AWD (an optional drivetrain choice) and prices kick off from $18990 for the base.

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