Sell Your Car At is a new entrant to the self sale way of shifting your old auto. Gone are the days of booking ad space in a newspaper or magazine, placing a card up at the shopping centre or waiting for someone to show up after a phone call.13083141_1132310996813042_2068263978850912897_nHere’s how it works and yes, it’s simple. Visit the website, enter your vehicle’s details to get a valuation and if happy, you book an appointment for a representative to come out, take some pictures and do a proper valuation of your chariot. will make an offer based on the valuation and inspection and if you, the seller, agree with that, paperwork is done and voila! your car is sold and you’re on your way to buying a new one.13041017_1130800346964107_4597964949978296507_oBenefits to you are concise: it’s safe, in that contact with a trusted organisation has already been established and you’re guaranteed of a visit when the appointment is made, at a time that suits you at a location you specify. Valuations are made by experienced car buying staff, so you’ll know the price offered is a fair one. Once everything is processed you’ll have the money in your bank account the next day. For added peace of mind, is backed by a company that has been in the automotive business worldwide for over a half century. the site even asks you, the seller, to be involved by contributing to their blog.13495062_1167981053246036_7242183171714997339_nTo help you get the best experience, there’s a few easy to follow things to do. First up, when arranging an appointment and making your way to it, make sure you’ve got your driver’s license and some other form of photo ID. Make sure your ID has your current address. Just as important is having the rego papers! If the car that you’re selling is unregistered, your state motoring authority can issue an Unregistered Vehicle Permit.
Bring your bank account details as it’s surprising how many people have no idea who they bank with or even what a BSB is!13567259_1172593289451479_5665348144371536247_nSpeaking of money, if you’re vehicle has funds owing, you’ll need a letter from the financier stating a payout and the date that figure is valid to, along with authorisation to sell if it’s on behalf of another person or business. It’ll also help your cause if service documentation, spare keys and the like are provided as well, in order to help you get the best price possible. is headquartered in Arncliffe, NSW, not far from Sydney Airport and has offices throughout Australia, ensuring a wide as possible coverage for anyone looking to make selling their car as easy and hassle free as a selling experience demands to be. Check them out today.

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