Responsibility….or lack thereof…a killer?

Here’s a socialogical thought: with the reduction, or banning, if you like, of being able to discipline children, being able to take responsibility for your actions seems to have suffered a corresponding decrease. On the roads, a dangerous workplace exists, with the basics of driving seemingly forgotten while saying “It’s not my problem” taking over.

It’s easy enough, rightly or wrongly, to blame the cops: this ISN’T about bagging the boys/girls in blue. Rather, it’s an indictment of what we, as a member of the public, see.

In Australia, with the states and territories unforgivably having various attitudes towards safety on our roads, a focus on speeding or, more correctly, what’s called excess speed, leaves other aspects of road safety such as using indicators, in the shade. However, the basics of driving and including such a simple thing as indicating, instill in people an attitude of “just who do you think YOU are” when this is pointed out to someone that, surprisingly, (cough) believes they’ve done nothing wrong.

Each state has its own interpretations but: not stopping safely for an amber/red light at a traffic light controlled intersection; failure to use indicators; not giving way are just three things one would think would be easy to deal with.

Apparently not and in great numbers. A very good mate of mine, well placed to advise, suggests the reaction of people when their error is pointed out and they deny it, is simply because they’re unaware of their infraction. That beggars the question: are they dodging responsibility? Or, in the case of watching P Plate drivers with a nominated speed restriction related to their “experience” failing to adhere to what “proper” drivers do, does that infer a failure of the driving instruction?

Let me know your thoughts.

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