Online help for the car buyer with Private Fleet.

Coming from a background in sales, including helping private buyers into a new Holden or Mitsubishi or Alfa, A Wheel Thing appreciates the confusion and suspicion people can have when it comes to dealing one on one with a car salesperson. Like buying a house, it’s a time fraught with emotion and using a broker can ease that confusion. Online brokerage firm, Private Fleet,, are a specialist in this field, working with over 1200 dealerships, irrespective of brand, Australia wide.

With this sort of clout, Private Fleet can potentially save thousands off the new vehicle price, by offering a fleet vehicle price to the private buyer. There’s also pre-sale service, by providing advice on cars, helping to organise test drives, then doing the paperwork by sourcing multiple quotes from dealers eager to win your business. They’ll even help with the dollar side of things, by offering finance and a payment calculator. Private Fleet will then keep you in touch with the order progress of your new love, up until it arrives at your door, all nice and shiny and fully fuelled.

Going online for a car purchase is a dimensional shift from the traditional way of buying a car. Sure, you’ll still need to research and test drive but using makes the end journey a whole lot easier and when your new car arrives, ready for your hands on the wheel, you’ll be grateful for their service.

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