New Online Car Sales website launched.

Motor Classifieds promises fee-free car sales listings.

When you have a car to sell there are a number of options open to you; you can put a sign on your vehicle and hope for the best, or you can list your car on an online car classifieds site.
The trouble is, often these online services can be very expensive and there’s no guarantee you will get any return on your advertising/listing fee.
I’ve found in the past that some websites that claim to be free have catches, and will try and upsell you into a premium listing.
But Joel Helmes from Motor Classifieds says his service is different because there are no car sales listing fees – ever.
We caught up with Joel for a chat about his website, and the online car sales world in general.

Joel, thanks for your time, can you tell us more about Motor Classifieds?

Thanks Dave, Motor Classifieds came about after having a conversation with the sales manager at a car dealership.
He knew that I was from Behind the Wheel and we were discussing the online car sales services that they were using, without naming names, he was quite scathing about them.
The reasons why he wasn’t a fan all centred around the financial impost that they place on the dealerships, and the complication to do with the invoicing etc.
He said they get charged fee after fee and these were constantly going up. So, I guess I spotted an opportunity to provide an alternative. The good part of the story though is that I was on a major road in Sydney that has dozens of car dealerships, I walked next door and sat down with the sales manager at that dealership and he told me the same thing.

Basically, the same complaints were passed on to me everywhere I went and I heard more than once the words “it’s about time someone took the fight up to them”. So, what choice did I have but to get the ball rolling?

But what about private sellers? What did you have in mind for them?

Well that conversation had planted the seed and I started talking to people within my business and personal circles, what I heard often was that their experiences with online car classifieds were mixed.
Some liked a service that claimed to be free, however they said the site was not a dedicated car sales website and they didn’t really like the look/feel of it.
Another, general classifieds website that people had used charged exorbitant fees/commissions.
And surprisingly, not many people I spoke to had used the dedicated vehicle only classifieds websites.
So, again I saw an opportunity. Combine the free and easy aspects of those leading general auction/classifieds type websites with a dedicated vehicle-only website.

How else does Motor Classifieds vary from the traditional car classifieds type websites?

Well, a big priority was to make it all as simple as possible and that means not having a large number of articles and clutter on and around the site.
We have also kept on-page/third party advertising to a minimum and I think this also helps make it easy to list, or buy a vehicle at

Tell us about the car dealerships, how are you assisting them to avoid those excessive listing fees that they kept mentioning?

Well, I went back and started researching and quickly found that the inventory management services that the dealerships use offer data feeds to websites like ours. So, after paying to access the services we signed up and are ready to go. Basically, a car dealership doesn’t have to do anything at their end – they say yes to listing their cars with us and we contact the inventory management service that they use (or they can) and away we go.
We normally can start running a car dealerships inventory within 7 days.
There is a monthly access fee of $110 (including GST) per dealership that covers the cost of accessing the data feed and maintaining their listings.

How do car dealerships get involved?

Simply send me an email at and we can get the ball rolling.

Joel, thanks for your time.

A pleasure.

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