New Commodore makes a Chev badge legit….

Sportwagon profileHolden has released further details of its revamped Commodore range, Holden utewith the ute and Sportwagon being displayed, shortly after the SS a day or three ago and Calais-V last week. The biggest talking point will be the lack of amendment to the rear, with the taillights on the wagon and ute unchanged. However, with significant investment already in the interior and an estimated cost of one to two million for changes to the rear, including the neccessary tooling amendmentsHolden Sportwagon , it looks like the same rear is here. Indeed, from the back and, to a point, the side, it’ll be impossible to Ute profiledecipher just which vehicle you’ll follow, with even the badge font remaining unchanged.

Holden appears to be capitalising on its relatively successful export program, with the Commodore confirmed, as seen in NASCAR, to be sent to the US (and, no doubt, other markets) as a Chevrolet badged vehicle. Naturally the somewhat tongue in cheek question has been asked, does it give a measure of validity to the previous Commodores with a Chev badge…..As mentioned here previously, the majority of the upgrade in the sedan appears to be the interior, which needed it badly. The exterior has been massaged and has lost the somewhat sharp edged look the VE has had since its release in 2007. Of interest is the Jaguar like strake in the front fenders and the power bulge in the bonnet, again from the big cat brand.

Another question remains, however….just what is it in the Australian taxation system that allows the Americans to purchase what is essentially the same vehicle for approximately ten thousand dollars less? Although that figure is unconfirmed it seems to be a valid figure as postulated here:

Sure, one can argue population in the USA vs Aus as a factor but as the likelihood of the numbers being relevant enough sales wise to affect the price, it must come back to Australia’s taxation and tariff structure….which, naturally, will not sit well with the knowledgable in the populace.

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