Mitsubishi’s Outlander Enhances Value

Mitsubishi’s Outlander been around in this shape for a few years, nosejob notwithstanding and there’s a new model/update not far away. So how does one move some metal? You could paint them white and blue and call them Cobra (and sell more than you expected, as Ford found out way back when) or you lob in a few bitsnpieces for nix and call it the Enhancement Pack.

That’s exactly what Mitsubishi has done and for $28990 (excluding metallic paint) it’s a pretty good buy at the LS level. The pack is available only on the five seater however it does “enhance” what already is a fairly capable vehicle. Along with leather trimmed and heated front seats, there’s additional (side and curtain) airbags, electric driver’s seat, trim changes in the interior and a full sized alloy wheel spare to complement the 18 inchers. With seven colours, two or four wheel drive and a choice of manual or CVT auto, it’s a great package to get hold of.


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