Kia Stinger Carbon Edition: Car Review Update.

We’ve been lucky to have piloted pretty much every version of Kia’s Stinger range, and that now includes the Carbon Edition.

With the model looking likely to have an update due for a late 2020 release, Kia has been keeping the turnstiles clicking for the current model by making available limited run versions such as the Carbon Edition.As this is essentially nothing more than a cosmetic enhancement, with no other changes than the additional carbon fibre panels, a full review of the Stinger with the twin-turbo V6 can be found here. A Wheel Thing reviews the Kia Stinger V6 GT/What is added is simple. The wing mirror covers now have an additional carbon fibre layover . The grille surround and front fenders also have the metallic gunmetal inserts, as does the rear valance panel on the bottom of the bumper. Also, the (sadly) non-functional vents in the bonnet have been given the carbon-fibre treatmentThe sole change inside has been to wrap the flat bottomed steering wheel in Alcantara, which, it must be said, does provide extra grip for the hands.Although mechanically unchanged, our time with the Kia Stinger Carbon Edition did give us a chance to revisit some of the features. For example, Kia claims a sub five second sprint to reach one hundred kilometres per hour from a standing start. We clocked that in our closed roads testing.

There are five drive modes including Custom. This allows personalisation of the way the Stinger drives, rather than a full preprogrammed setup such as Sport or Comfort. For example, a driver can set the engine and transmission to Sport, the Steering to Comfort, and enjoy the slightly softer handing whilst enjoying the quicker response from the drivetrain.Details on what the updated version will bring are sketchy at the time of writing. That includes rumours of a slight engine capacity increase to 3.5L, and a possible increase in torque. Kia has thus far remained tight-lipped on this. In its current guise, the Kia Stinger V6 remains as a bargain performance car.

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