Kia sings a chorus for the new Quoris

It’s no secret that Kia is on the march; a raft of new and revamped models released or on the way are sending well deserved shivers down the automotive spines of its competitors, including sister company of sorts, Hyundai. Taking the lovely Sorento Platinum out of the equation, Kia’s first true luxury car, the Quoris, will add to the concern.

The exterior gives a clear indication of just who Kia is targetting; it’s BMW to the point you could bring in the Apple vs Samsung argument. The signature Kia grille is reminiscent of the kidney look BMW has owned, the profile could be a 5 meets 6 series whilst there’s hints of Audi as well.

The inside features something sure to be a major talking point; the centre dash is home to a 12.3 inch LCD display with the ability to personalise the look and size of the display. Attached to the rear of the sumptuously leather clad driver and passenger seats are two somewhat smaller screens, at 9.4 inches but powerful enough to play most high end video and audio formats. Sound comes from a 12 channel digital amplifier, courtesy of Lexicon by Harman, with speakers well spaced around the cabin to give, as close as possible, a concert hall experience. The driver and passenger seats are fully electric, with heating and ventilation plus gaining 16 and 10 way adjustments respectively, whilst the rear passengers enjoy plenty of leg room, thanks to the three metre wheelbase and best-in-class measurements. A large glass sunroof adds to the airy feel. The driver will also enjoy a Head Up Display (HUD) with an adaptive brightness facility built in, to work with ambient light levels. A choice of information will be available along wit a design intended to minimise eye movement and distraction.

New tech comes in the form of adaptive headlights with full LED lighting. Arranged in a two x two configuration, the lower set can pivot up, down, left and right depending on input from the control system. More hi tech arrives in the shape of the Around View Monitor System, AVMS, with four cameras providing a full 360 degree view of the Quoris’s surroundings. A Parking Guide System is standard, utilising a steering wheel sensor and the rear camera to provide a graphical look of the car’s expected movement rearwards. The computer also takes over the steering input while the human interface device controls accelerator and braking.

A remote keyless system will unlock the doors on approach, more technology trickling into a real world application as is the Smart Cruise Control, a device to provide a preset distance between the Quoris and the vehicle in front, even down to stopping the vehicle if required.

Due to be released outside Korea in the next few months, pricing is not yet available but expect it to be sharply competitive.

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