Kia plugs in extra Soul.

Hybrid and fully electric vehicles still aren’t all the rage on our roads however the growth in this sector is slowly increasing. This may ramp up thanks to the incredible generosity of Elon Musk, founder of Tesla Motors ( and the sharing of the battery technology the company uses. In the interim, Korean fast mover, Kia, has announced their Soul vehicle, the somewhat quirky yet fun box on wheels, will be released as an electric vehicle.Kia Soul EV
The car will pack batteries made of lithium ion configuration, with 192 cells and has a discharge rate of 27 kilowatts/hour. Naturally a regenerative braking system is fitted, taking kinetic energy otherwise unused, from braking and coasting, to feed back into the system. The powerplant itself is a 81kW electric motor, with a handy 285Nm of torque but the real feature is the range. It’s been certified (for Europe) as having a range upwards of 200 kilometres, making an ideal city commuter. Recharge time using various chargers can be as quick as a half hour using a high output charger to around five hours using a 6.6 kilowatt AC charger, plugged into a standard (at this stage not confirmed what system for Australia) household socket.
Acceleration is leisurely, with a 0 – 100 km/h time of between 11 and 12 seconds and top speed is 145 km/h, still suitable enough for a world market.
Kia expects to start selling the Kia Soul EV outside of Korea later in 2014.

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