Jaguar gets sexy back: the new XFR-S

2013 Jaguar XFR-SWhen Jaguar was bought by Indian based conglomerate, Tata, a few years ago, there was both a sense of relief and apprehension…would the new owners interfere with the hallowed brand or would they understand the sense of tradition and let Jaguar do what it does best?

Rohan Tata was effectively quoted as saying: “We’ll give them a fairly open chequebook” and that attitude has paid off. Of recent times, Jaguar has released some absolute cracker cars; the new XJ and derivatives, the updated XK with the R and R-S plus the storming new GT model (sadly not coming to Australia) and the beautiful yet sledgehammer powerful XFR-S.

It’s available in just five hero colours: French Racing Blue, Ultimate Black, Stratus Grey, Polaris White and Italian Racing Red which all suit the lithe and muscular lines of the XF shell. Under the power bulged bonnet beats five supercharged litres of Jaguar’s finest V8 (imagine this in the V8 Supercars?) with 404 kilowatts and a house twisting 680 Newton metres. These numbers lead to a 0 – 100 kmh time of around 4.5 seconds, with Jaguar’s slick new eight speed auto transmission giving the driver plenty of flexibility in dealing with the immense amount of torque on offer.

It’s not a dead cert for the beautiful cat to come to Australia and with our increasingly draconian road laws, as much as real drivers of cars like this get proper training, there’d be no non race track environment to truly unsheath the claws.


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