It’s raining again and guess what…

It’s really quite a scary thing, water from the sky. It’s been raining in Sydney and once again the news alerts are plastered with stories about crashes. There’s been a fatality, at an intersection with no visibility restriction. Seems that means someone jumped the intersection…..Sydney’s F3 freeway, the main one heading north, has again felt the wrath of the moronic, with more crashes blocking the lanes. And another fatality in Blaxland, in Sydney’s lower Blue Mountains, with a car sliding into a tree….really?????

Here’s a tip: LEARN TO DEAL WITH RAIN!!!!!!!!

It’s also rained in Melbourne, albeit in the metaphorical sense, with over two hundred workers for Ford Australia being given the news that they’re out of a job. Ford Australia has been suffering from a strange malaise recently, one causing a seeming inactivity to promote their large car division to Australia and overseas. Or are they just making crap?

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