Hypocrisy from a Government body…yes, really!

God there’s some absolute guttershite out there: The NSW Centre for Road Safety’s job is to change cultural values on road safety in NSW. It’s first mission – to convince drivers that speeding is socially unacceptable.
But it’s socially acceptable to: not use indicators, not slow safely for an amber light, not stop at a red, use mobiles constantly, not use headlights when it’s raining/dark/foggy, think it’s ok to abuse someone that’s telling YOU that you’ve stuffed up, not wear seatbelts, have completely bald tyres, not have working parts on a car that should be, sit in the right hand traffic lane and have traffic being forced to pass you on the left….does anyone else see the hypocrisy in what the NSW Centre of ROAD SAFETY’S title infers?

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