Even the best have issues…

News today that Toyota Australia has issued a recall for some 12000 Prius vehicles; steering problems are the cause. It’s believed an intermediate extension shaft may not have been adequately treated and hardened properly during manufacture. Over 2.7 million cars worldwide may be subject to this. Shows that even a brand renowned for reliability can get it wrong.

Ford Australia is once again staring at the wall, with a meeting in the next day or so looking to deliver workers worst fears. With Australia’s large car compressing even further, Ford’s Falcon is way off the money sales wise and revenue is shrinking, forcing the company to take the axe to around 300 employees. The timing couldn’t be worse with Christmas just weeks away. Any long term fix for the blue oval needs implementation ASAP.

For those that have money, taste, room and the time to do so: Shannons Insurance have yet another hidden treasure coming up in an auction. A Chrysler E48 VJ Charger, with four speed manual and LSD rear end is coming up. One of just 154 made, the car needs a bit of lovin’, so if you have around $24K plus, go here: For more auction information contact: Christophe Boribon on (03) 8588 0809, or 13 4646 (Option 5), or to view auction results, visit www.shannons.com.au

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