Catch a few Z’s with Holden’s Z-Series

With the large car market in Australia suffering and the evergreen Holden Commodore being usurped by a small Mazda, Holden’s taken off the gloves in a bid to reinvigorate the market by releasing the Z-Series. Available across the Commodore range, including the SS, it’s broken into a Comfort and Sports line. The entry level cars, including the Sportwagon, get a hefty overhaul, with the extensive list throwing in 18 inch alloys, leather on the seats and steering wheel, chrome highlights on the front foglights, door surround and instrument cluster, rear parking sensors and camera plus Z Series badging.

The SV6 and SS range move up to 19 inch rolling stock (the LPG SV6 stays with 18s), also receive the rear sensors and camera, leather bolsters on the seats, Z- series badged carpet mats and chrome highlight for the door frame (sedan only) whilst the utes get the same minus the camera and sensors.

At the top of the tree, the SS-V range gets Brembo stoppers, the taut FE3 suspension while the sedan gets to breathe fresh air courtesy of a sunroof. Z-Series badges and carpet mats complete the additions.

It’s a fair swag of added value and the prices remain keen, with the Z-Series Comfort kicking off at $37990 in the entry level V6 petrol up to $42490 for the LPG Sportwagon. The Sports range starts at $42790 for the petrol SV6 manual, $43790 for the auto running up to $57290 on the SS-V auto sedan and $59290 for the auto Sportwagon.

Colour wise, the Mirage Glow paint disappears whilst a colour inspired by the classic concept car, Efijy, a lustrous purple called Alchemy, comes on board.

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