Buyers Could Find Themselves In A Pickle

Well known and respected auction house Pickles has vehicles of rarity coming up for auction on October 15. Being held online and in-house at their Sunshine North, Victoria, complex, buyers can potentially find themselves inside something out of the ordinary.For the luxury sports car enthusiasts, Bentleys Continental is one such machine that will be up for grabs. The car on offer will come with less than 2,000 kilometres and is said to have a top speed of336 km/h. Just the thing for zipping down to the corner deli to grab the morning paper and a bottle of milk.One make racing car series aren’t thick on the ground but for the most part they’re not sparse either. However, the pair of 2016 Mazda MX-5 Cup Cars being made available are genuine rarities. Built by Long Road Racing in Statesville, North Carolina, these were virtually exclusive to the North American market. Just a few were made available for Australia.

The cars are properly race car settled, with roll bar and fire suppression systems on board. Adding to the cachet will be their sub twenty miles odometer readings, meaning they’ve likely never turned a wheel in anger.

Head to the Pickles website for more information and to potentially park a piece of rarity in the driveway.

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