A tale of two cities…

No, it’s nothing to do with Darles Chickens, rather a comparo between the two widespread cities of Australia; Sydney versus Perth. One is my current hometown, the other is where I was raised.

Perth people bemoan drivers not being able to merge; partly because there’s some roads where no merge line exists….but a smart and decent driver (yeah, I know, few and far between) would know how to.

Sadly, the driving diseases infesting Sydney have infected Perth; no indicating, no stopping at amber or red lights (given Perth has some intersections with signs flashing and telling you the green is about to change, there’s no excuse) and no lights on when it’s dark. Perth drivers also are hamstrung by the smaller geographical size of the city, restricted to sixty kilometres per hour virtually everywhere. The city itself needs a major overhaul with traffic lights red, banking up traffic with nothing in sight for the green lit side, plus, the amount of no right turns forcing drivers to travel further than neccessary is a real thorn.

However, having a small distance makes travelling around a bit easier timewise, but still doesn’t win favours when the lights insist on doubling traffic travel time. Perth drivers are somewhat friendlier however, but there’s still the reliance on sped cameras as a “safety device” which permeates not at all well the Perth driver psyche.

Who’s the better driver? On the face of it, it’s a tie, quite simply. Both Perth and Sydney drivers are crap.

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