Space X

Tesla Unveils V3 Supercharging

Fresh from the success of his Space-X mission to the ISS, Elon Musk‘s other love, Tesla, has released information on a change to their car charging system. Called V3 Supercharging, it brings a massive change…

Tesla Confirms U.S. Model 3 Milestone

Elon Musk and Tesla have announced that the much talked about Model 3 (with a still as yet unknown Australian sale date) will now be available in the United States for a barrier breaking US$35,000….

Tesla Model S 85 Car Review

Car Review: Tesla Model S 85.

Dave Conole drives and reviews the Telsa Model S. Elon Musk is one far seeing individual; not only does he have his fingers in the space and mass transportation pies (Space X and Hyperloop) he…