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Double Up: Hyundais Elantra Active and Elite

Hyundai has been in Australia for some time now and is still, mysteriously, stigmatised as “that Korean car company”. As a rule, this kind of comment comes from people that have never driven a car…

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Bumpy Trax: Holden’s Baby SUV

Holden’s had a shot before at a small SUV; last time around it was the Suzuki Ignis based Cruze (yes there was a Cruze before the Cruze…confused?). This time around they’ve ‘roided up the Korean…

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Diesel do it: Mitsubishi ASX Aspire

Mitsubishi’s tidy little ASX has been around for a while and was given a new and bigger diesel heart earlier this year. It’s punchy and quiet, sitting nicely behind the Lancer based SUV’s nose and…