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Get on the gas with Holden’s LPG SV6

Week two of A Wheel Thing’s “The Month of Holden” was spent in the loving embrace of the Holden SV6 on LPG. Although, ostensibly, the same powerplant as the one in the Omega, it felt…

The Great just became greater

The Great Race….it just became greater

No one who watched the last fifteen laps of the 2012 Supercheap Autos Bathurst 1000 will deny that it was the most nailbiting, gripping, enthralling, brain burning finish to The Great Race since….last year. Jamie…

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The Great Race..

It’s nearly 90 minutes in and there’s been one retirement (Reid), the Fiore and Halliday car back out and Nick Percat has just hit the wall breaking the front right wheel….ouch!